Five Fold Ministry

God’s Battalion of Prayer Church five-fold ministry manages our organization, providing the environment necessary to cultivate, develop, and maintain our purpose, using Acts 2:42-47 as our pattern.
Our guests, members, new converts and all those who are constituents of our organization have available to them a host of resources, through these groups.
Discipleship– Offers new and maturing believers the tools for developing Godly principles.

Evangelism Mobilizes the believers to carry the gospel to those in need.

Fellowship–  Manages our people care. As our congregation matures and is ready to serve.

Stewardship– Manages the service crew.

Worship–  Goes beyond the music, strives to provide the atmosphere to surrender and enter into
a true worship experience.
All the resources provided by the groups above prepare the assembly for the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:16–20