Mission Statement

“Transforming the Community block by block with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit.”


  • Establishing God’s Kingdom on the earth
  • Salvation of souls; Healing and Deliverance in mind, soul and body
  • Communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the gifts within the body of Christ. 

Contact Information:

Director:    Assistant Director:  
Minister Sydney Bishop      Deaconess Thelma DeCaul
sbishop@battalionministries.org  tdecaul@battalionministries.org   

Evangelism Groups and Team Leaders:

Altar Ministry: 
 Deaconess Alourde Simeon
Prison Ministry:  Deacon Barrington Anderson & Deaconess Nora Burke
Shelter Ministry:  Deacon Paul Cummings
Visitation:  Deaconess Rosita Bynoe & Deaconess Elverine Smartt