Mission Statement:

1 Peter 4:10: As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
The Stewardship Department is committed to helping believers transform every area of their lives (home, careers and church, etc.) through the understanding and application of biblical truths and principles. This understanding will assist them in achieving their full potential as men and women of God.  We believe each person was born with a gift or talent and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, can accomplish the purpose for which he/she was born to fulfill.


  • GBP has established four overarching objectives which guide our efforts to help people grow in whole-life stewardship:
    • Encourage people to determine their spiritual gifts – and invest them in the ministry of GBP
    • Conduct training seminars for church budgeting, IRS compliance issues, and personal finance
    • Increase giving by growing awareness of giving opportunities, thus helping members to become more effective stewards
    • Develop and equip active volunteers to recruit others to join with them in ministry

Contact Information:

Director:    Assistant Director:  
Minister Cheryl Kilkenny      Minister Damian McIntosh
ckilkenny@battalionministries.org  dmcintosh@battalionministries.org   

Stewardship Groups and Team Leaders:

Communion:   Deaconess Lorraine Rose 
Finance:          Deaconess Lillian DeBique
Technology:    Deacon Roger Springer & Deacon Joseph Clarke
Love Center:   Deacon David Clarke
Maintenance:  Deacon Mark DeSouza
Security:         Bro. Alex Corbin & Bro. Carey Peguese
Usher:             Deacon Devon Richards & Sis. Elizabeth Brown
Counting:        Deacon Clyde Benn & Deaconess Kafi Quaynor
Budget:            Deaconess Shelia Richards