“Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” Romans 12:1.

At God’s Battalion of Prayer Church, we believe Praise & Worship is an active, dynamic, integral interaction between God and His people. This interaction is unique in that we pour our affections on God as He grants us the benevolences of His Presence. Hence, Worship is the core of our congregational life. There’s really no interaction with God without the reverential honoring of His Name not merely because we fear Him but because we are overcome by our love for Him in response to His love for us. The Worship Ministry seeks to herald the excellences and beauties of our God in a spirit of excellent through singing, music, dancing, speaking, proclamations, prayers, the arts, and an exuberantly joyful life that calls out to everyone to join us in celebrating the infinite greatness of our God. We aim to worship God in spirit and in truth glorifying Him as one body with one voice through one Spirit and in the Name of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

Throughout scripture, we discover the whole counsel of God tends towards one main thing, namely to glorify the LORD. While this means that all creation and everything in existence were designed to reflect the glory of our Creator, we believe music, and the arts in general, can play a significant role in helping us to declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ and celebrate our lives in Him. Finally, we aim to be radically God-centered in our Worship and not man-centered so that when we sing, “It’s all about Him,” we mean it with unflinching finality.

Contact Information:
    Deacon Joseph Clarke


Worship Groups and Team Leaders:

Dance:  Sis. Vivienne Clarke

Choirs: Sis. Monica Forde/Sis. Sylvia Lopez

Musicians:  Deacon Joseph Clarke         

Projection: Deacon Joseph Clarke         

Sound: Deaconess Gaylene Williams

Prayer: Deaconess Gaylene Williams